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For those living with mobility issues, the home is viewed in an entirely different light. Stairs become an obstacle, and the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen are filled with potential hazards. As the East and West Kootenay’s home accessibility experts, we can help identify problem areas and develop a plan that turns your house into your home sweet home again.

Lifts for stairs

If you or a loved one has issues getting up and down stairs, a stair lift can provide the perfect measure of safety and independence needed at home. We provide a full range of stair lift styles and options, including stair lifts designed to navigate a single flight of stairs that run in a straight line, curved stair lifts that are custom-built for staircases with bends and landings, and outdoor stair lifts that are engineered to withstand harsh elements. Speak with us about designing you the perfect stair lift solution today.



Porch lifts

Whether you’re looking for a vertical platform lift or an inclined platform lift, Kootenay Columbia Home Medical can help you design the solution ideally suited to your home’s unique configurations. Performing much like an open elevator, a porch lift is ideal for wheelchair users in providing access to and from the home on a vertical-moving platform. We also offer inclined platform lifts that can travel along the incline of an existing outdoor staircase.

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Home elevators and commercial elevators

A residential elevator offers an elegant and reliable solution for those needing to move easily between floors at home. A home elevator can also dramatically increase the value of your home. With design and performance options limited only by your imagination, every home elevator is a one-of-a-kind solution. Kootenay Columbia Home Medical collaborates directly with the residential and commercial elevator experts at Savaria, one of the world’s most prolific designers of home elevators, commercial lifts, stair lifts and more.

Kootenay Columbia Home Medical Equipment is licensed by Technical Safety of British Columbia to install, maintain, and repair Class “H” commercial elevating devices (lifts for persons with disabilities), Vertical Platform Lifts, Incline Platform Lifts, and Stairlifts. We work with building owners, contractors, architects and engineers to ensure your Class “H” elevating device is designed, installed and maintained for years of reliable service. Frequent applications for these lifts include community centers, churches, schools, libraries, recreation centers, and many privately-owned, publicly accessible buildings.

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Guide to getting care and support in the Kootenays

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Wheelchair ramps

Wheelchair ramps offer safe and effective access to a home or business for people with walkers, wheelchairs, powerchairs and more. Options include portable ramps/suitcase ramps, threshold ramps, modular entry ramps, angled entry ramps, gateway solid surface ramps and more. Contact us to visit your home, so we can assess your requirements and consult on your ideal ramping solution.

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Patient lifts

A patient lift is a safe and easy way to transfer a patient with mobility issues in and out of bed, in and out of a bath and even between rooms. Options include overhead lifts that can be mounted on a ceiling or wall and travel along a rail, and portable patient lifts that employ a crane-like lifting action and can easily be moved between rooms. Speak with us today about our range of patient lift and patient transfer equipment options.

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Bath lifts, walk-in tubs and showers

For patients with mobility issues, getting in and out of a bath or shower can be an extremely challenging and risky activity. We’re here to turn that stress into a well-deserved decompress. An overhead or portable bath lift is ideal for patients with severe mobility concerns. Walk-in tubs and barrier-free showers can be designed to retro-fit into an existing tub. We can also custom-design a new walk-in tub or walk-in shower to flow with your existing bathroom design and incorporate bench seating, massage jets and more.

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Vehicle adaptation

Being able to use or access a vehicle is incredibly important to one’s sense of independence. There are a wide variety of automotive adaptation solutions available, each with their own lifestyle and comfort benefits. Our Home Mobility Consultants can work with you to provide a vehicle adaptation solution customized to your specific needs. Our range of products and vehicle modification options include customized seats and transfer boards, vehicle lifts, lowered floors, driving aids, securement systems and more.


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