Repair & Maintenance

With the right maintenance and care, your home medical equipment can last for a very long time. Committing to a proper repair and maintenance program will ensure your mobility device ages as gracefully as you.

Our service team regularly completes manufacturer support training programs to ensure that we are qualified and capable of repairing your specialized home medical equipment.

If your home mobility device requires our attention for repair or maintenance, we suggest you contact us to schedule a service call. During the call, our technician will assess the work required and either complete the work right then and there, or submit an order for any replacement parts required. Once we receive your replacement parts, we will schedule a follow-up appointment. After the work is completed, we will invoice you for any outstanding payments not covered by a funding agency. Our goal is to ensure your equipment performs “as good as new” with as little downtime as possible.

Service with a smile

At Kootenay Columbia Home Medical, we supply our clients with a service most of all, not simply the equipment. That’s why you can expect our technician to:


Call you before the day of service call to make sure you’re expecting us and still available for us to complete the work


We assess the equipment to determine the problem and provide a quote for you to approve prior to completing repair work.

Bring Tools

Bring all the necessary tools to complete the work, including any commonly used replacement parts


Be friendly, helpful and courteous throughout the service call
All maintenance and repair work completed is backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If your equipment requires further attention, we will fix it for free within that 30-day timeframe (parts not included).

Please handle with care

It is the client’s and/or caregiver’s responsibility to ensure your equipment is regularly maintained as outlined in the owner’s manual. Any damage or repair required resulting from abuse or misuse will not be covered under the manufacturer’s or Kootenay Columbia Home Medical’s product warranty.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Kootenay Columbia Home Medical offers complete warranty repair on behalf of the manufacturer. The terms of your warranty can be found in your owner’s manual, instruction or warranty card included with your equipment. We suggest you consult your warranty for any restrictions prior to arranging your service call.

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