Aging in Place

Because home is where the heart is

Aging in place has become increasingly popular because it enables seniors to continue living at home in their familiar surroundings for as long as possible. We begin to feel the effects of aging as we get older. The stairs can become a real obstacle in our home. Installing stairlifts and elevators can help with mobility issues and offer a wide range of benefits. Moreover, with the right home medical equipment and support network, it’s possible for seniors to continue enjoying a quality lifestyle at home indefinitely.
At Kootenay Columbia Home Medical, we’re here to consult with our senior clients and caregivers to suggest any minor home modifications that would support aging in place and advise on mobility solutions such as lift chairs, elevators, stairlifts , scooters or motorized wheelchairs.


Benefits of aging in place

When a senior is able to age in place, it allows them to remain a part of the community they already know and love. Aging in place can also be an excellent solution if a senior has issues with recalling things or has experienced memory loss. The benefits of a familiar environment cannot be overstated. Aging in place also allows the senior to hold on to their treasured items they have spent a lifetime collecting.

While home modifications may seem costly to support aging in place, staying at home can end up costing significantly less than a move to a senior home in the long term. One must also bear in mind that if an older adult is forced to move, they may feel they have lost the independence they once knew and cherished.

Aging in place equipment and supplies

As daily activities become more challenging, a variety of assistive devices can be used to extend a senior’s independence. Speak with a Kootenay Columbia Home Medical Specialist today to consult on the range of Aids to Daily Living (ADL) products that can help enhance a senior’s independence.


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