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Welcome home, safely and securely. We understand that transitioning home following an injury or surgery can be a difficult and trying event. With the increased aging of the population comes the need for innovation in senior care. Our home medical experts are dedicated to ensuring that transition goes as smoothly as possible. Expect a Kootenay Columbia Home Medical technician to deliver, set up and train the individual or caregiver on how to use the equipment properly. We also follow-up regularly to ensure the equipment is performing well and suits the client’s ongoing needs.



We offer a vast selection of bed rails, grab bars and safety poles, perfectly customized, designed and installed to provide an ergonomic helping hand wherever needed at home. Our goal is to provide the functional tools necessary to achieve greater independence and peace of mind. As specialists in providing customized client support, we’d be delighted to visit the client’s home and assess the environment to consult on the ideal grab bars and handrails needed to enjoy the greatest freedom of movement possible.

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We are dedicated to raising the bar for home comfort. Ask us about our selection of customizable floor-to-ceiling poles, designed to provide a helping hand wherever it’s needed – in the bedroom, washroom and anywhere else in the home. Our home medical experts know how to identify problem areas in the home and provide a customized solution that optimizes the individual’s independence.

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For individuals experiencing mobility issues, a home’s bathroom is one of the major hazard areas. We’re here to turn those problem spots into safer spaces. Toilets are among the greatest sources of difficulty. They can be too low or lack the peripheral support structures needed to make access free and easy. As part of our service, we’ll visit the home to assess obstacles and opportunities, and suggest bathroom safety solutions suited to needs and budget.

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A peaceful and relaxing bath or shower is an exceptional way to refresh and rejuvenate in body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to help empower that priceless “me” time while allowing the client to get in and out of the bath or shower safely and independently. Our lineup of shower chairs and transfer benches help provide the access and privacy clients need while creating a safer, risk-reduced bathroom environment. Speak with a Kootenay Columbia Home Medical Specialist about ideal the bathroom solutions needed based on your unique mobility-lifestyle matrix.

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We’re here to help keep life rolling along, safely and comfortably. We offer a variety of innovative rolling commode chairs or Stationary and bath chairs by today’s top brands, designed to help individuals who have difficulty standing in the bath or shower gain the access they need. Many of our rolling commode chairs and shower chairs can also be used to roll over a toilet for use as a raised toilet seat. Commodes also come with a variety of customizable features such as drop-down, flip-back or removable armrests, removable footrests, and a bucket for commode use.

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