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To improve the lives of those who depend on specialized mobility equipment in their everyday lives.

That’s the focus behind the “Wheelchair Seating and Positioning: Advanced Applications” workshop hosted by Access Community Therapists and presented by Lindsay Alford BSc OT and Danielle Rae MOT.

Given that almost 1 in 10 Canadians aged 15 and older has a mobility disability according to the most recently available Statistics Canada findings, that’s a lot of peoples’ lives a workshop such as this could theoretically improve upon.

Recently attended by Kootenay Columbia Home Medical Equipment, the Advanced Applications workshop evolved out of the original “Practical Applications” workshop presented by Lindsay and Danielle.

“We received a lot of enthusiastic feedback on our initial workshop and a desire from therapists and clinicians to continue building on their assessment skills and learn more complex concepts,” explains Lindsay. “The Advanced Seating workshop helps those who experience more complex cases and challenging asymmetries in their profession to find the best possible solutions.”

The course dives deeper into the clinical seating process, utilizing a mix of presentation, case studies and hands-on learning in small breakout groups. Workshop content has been informed by participant feedback over the original workshop’s 20-year history.

“There are a lot of professionals, especially in smaller communities, who work with individuals with challenging seating demands, and these professionals simply don’t have the resources or experience to deal with these unique cases,” Lindsay offers. “The Advanced Seating workshop addresses that information void by giving clinicians the knowledge and confidence they need to find solutions that optimize patient outcomes.”

The Advanced workshop is ideal for all OTs and PTs who have already attended the Wheelchair Seating and Positioning: Practical Applications workshop and are looking to build on their knowledge and expand their areas of practice. OT students and new grads have also hugely benefited from the Practical Applications course by getting exposure to a level of hands-on learning not typically addressed by university programming.

“We’ve received positive feedback on our Advanced Seating Workshop, Lindsay continues. “There are client educators in attendance so participants can develop their hands-on skills with real wheelchair users . We also enjoy welcoming vendors like Kootenay Columbia Home Medical Equipment to provide their perspective on all the concepts discussed and their real-world applications. It’s great to see so many people excited and passionate about learning how to assess complex seating requirements, understand product parameters, biomechanics, and what a successful intervention looks like. We really enjoy hosting the workshop, and this enthusiasm is shared by everyone in attendance.”

“A prescription for complex wheelchair and seating requires a collaborative team approach,” elaborates David Stokes, owner of Kootenay Columbia Home Medical. “As specialized equipment providers, we naturally receive an incredible amount of support from our suppliers in understanding how their products work, the benefits, troubleshooting tips and more. The Access Community Therapists workshops also enable us to see the equipment from the therapist’s perspective, giving us greater insight into how these devices can be configured to the unique physiology of each patient, helping them to overcome their mobility challenges while enjoying greater comfort throughout the day. Our service philosophy is to ensure that each one of our clients feels 100% supported.”

The next Access Community Therapists workshop on “Wheelchair Seating and Positioning: Practical Applications” is coming June 3 & 4, again presented by Lindsay and Danielle. If you’re interested in attending, click here to register. Access hosts a number of workshops throughout the year; to stay informed on upcoming events, you can sign up for their newsletter or email

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